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Their throne and cape were adorned with images of lions and salamanders

The King of Wands represents unbridled optimism, risk-taking, and benevolence. They urges that set-out and manage your goals by getting their management abilities to close use.

  • Factor: Flames
  • Environment: Mars
  • Astrology sign: Leo
  • Essential dates: July 12 to August 11

  • 1 Visual Areas and Symbolism
  • 2 The King of Wands credit as someone
  • 3 The Master of Wands Straight: Great Meanings
  • 4 The Master of Wands Reversed: Unfavorable Meanings
  • 5 The Past, Gift, and Potential Future
  • 6 Crucial Card Combos
  • 7 King of Wands: Yes or No inquiries

Artistic Items and Symbolism

In the Rider-Waite deck, the King of Wands shows the profile of a master seated on his throne, holding a big personnel inside the right hand.