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In the last several years, my closet have slowly started taken over by one brand in particular: Flint and Tinder

Within the last couple of years, my wardrobe features slowly become bought out by one brand name in particular: Flint and Tinder. Every day, you can find me personally in a minumum of one portion produced by all of them a€” whether it is jeans, a shirt, a jacket, and sometimes even undergarments. Their clothes hit the most wonderful stability between usability, style, and comfortability. Plus, everything is 100percent manufactured in the USA.

Specifically are available trip, you could potentially completely ensemble yourself with Flint and Tinder wears. So below we existing just that: two different fall get-ups which feature the best of Flint and Tindera€™s products.

Get-up no. 1

1. The Water Coat: Ridge Cover. This newer providing from F&T takes tips from both shell coats and mountain parkas. The Japanese plastic are water- and tear-resistant, but ita€™s furthermore simply dang comfortable for cold, wet time for the trip and wintertime.

2. The Every Day Jacket: Waxed Trucker. Besides the water-resistant layer, your own trip garments should also have one of them worst boys, which merely gets better as we grow old, obtaining a pleasant, individual patina. Made with waxed, weather-resistant sailcloth, the trucker jacket are smooth right out of the box, might feel used in just a tee underneath since ita€™s completely covered with soft cotton bamboo.