Modern Tanzanian
Dining Experience
For an unforgettable Tanzanian dining experience, come and join
us for a meal at Ol Mesera Restaurant, taking classic, traditional
recipes and ingredients from the local surrounding area and
providing you with a feast of modern Tanzanian
flavours, textures and colours.
Our Full
Course Menu
Our Full course menu starts with Tanzanian styled
curated starters into our Mama`s favourite, Sufuria pole pole
specials (kuku paka, pilau mboga, mchicha) to the Choma Choma,
ending with a sweet dessert
Fill Your Belly
With Chipsi Ugali
Spiced Crispy & Comforting...

Our unique dish from mama`s favourites; Chipsi Ugali
is a perfect dish to have for lunch.

A Feast

For the Senses

The Ol Mesera Restaurant was designed and built-in Manyara for one reason: Celebrating Tanzanian hospitality. A feast for the senses, from the artwork, textiles, decor, friendly faces and the smell of the cooking fires burning.


Our Dishes are locally inspired dishes, created to celebrate the “Karibu culture” with a little bit of a modern twist. The two makes our dishes unique and stylish, giving you a whole new dining experience.


Mamma`s Favorites

  • Chapati Mayai
    Crispy Grilled Flatbread with egg, fresh coriander and red onion filling
  • Chipsi Ugali
    Maize French Fries Spiced Crispy & Comforting
  • Kachumbari Choma
    Seasonal Salad with Tomato, cucumber and marinated grilled vegetables

Choma Choma

  • Chicken Mishkaki
    Grilled Chicken with garlic, ginger and lemon
  • Nyama Choma
    Slow Braised and Grilled Beef Short Rib
  • Kiti Moto
    Skewers of Pork Belly with a tamarind glaze
  • Mahindi Ya Kuchoma
    Grilled sweetcorn corn with lime coriander and chili butter


Our Gallery depicts some of the moments from The Ol Mesera…



Ol Mesera Restaurant